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USHLI is a Chicago-based national, nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization, and a member of the Board of Directors of HACR, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, and NHLA, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda

Since May 1982, USHLI has worked to empower the Latino community and similarly disenfranchised groups by promoting education, leadership development, unity, and non-partisan civic participation. To that end, USHLI can claim:

  • 2.3 million newly registered voters
  • 425 reports published on Latino demographics in the Almanac of Latino Politics
  • 34 national conferences sponsored annually and attended by leaders representing 40 states
  • Trained over 900,000 present and future leaders
  • Awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships and internships.

USHLI is led by Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., one of only two Latinos in history to receive a Presidential Medal "for the performance of exemplary deeds of service for the nation" and "promoting leadership and civic participation," and the 11th Latino in history to be decorated by a U.S. President (Bill Clinton).

In May 2011, Dr. Andrade became the 4th Latino in history to be decorated by both the government of Mexico and the government of the United States, when he received the Ohtli Award, Mexico’s highest honor presented to a civilian not living in Mexico “in recognition of his contributions to the empowerment of the Mexican and Mexican-American communities in the United States.” His predecessors include the late Cesar E. Chavez, the late Dr. Hector Garcia, and the late Mario Obledo.



& History

The mission of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) is to fulfill the promises and principles of democracy by promoting education, research, and leadership development, and empowering Latinos and similarly disenfranchised groups by maximizing their civic awareness, engagement, and participation.

  • Incorporated Midwest Voter Registration Education Project - April 1982
  • Chartered Midwest Voter Registration Education Project - May 1982
  • 501 (c)(3) tax-exemption status granted - September 1982
  • 4945(f) letter of determination (advance ruling) received - September 1982
  • Became Midwest-Northeast Voter Registration Education Project - December 1987
  • Became United States Hispanic Leadership Institute - December 1996
  • USHLI is awarded the Corazon Award by Univision for outstanding commitment to community service and the empowerment of Hispanic community - February 2012