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Almanac of Latino Politics

Since the year 2000, USHLI has published The Almanac of Latino Politics – The Almanac is the most comprehensive survey and analysis of national Latino voting patterns and trends and defines the political landscape on which the struggle for Latino empowerment will be fought throughout the remainder of this decade. In short, by identifying legislative and congressional districts in which Latinos have the greatest opportunity to elect candidates of their choice, the Almanac is a roadmap to political empowerment.

The Almanac provides a meticulously detailed survey of Latino voter registration, voter turnout, and voting behavior in all presidential elections since 1976, as well as in recent federal and state elections. The Almanac also compares Latino voting behavior in presidential elections with white and black voters, union members, and women, and explores the implications of Latino population and voter participation growth over the next 25 years in the United States.

The Almanac of Latino Politics is a must read for campaign strategists, pundits, corporate and labor leaders, public and private sector policy-makers, academicians, researchers, commentators and columnists in electronic and print media, students, internet users, and anyone else trying to understand the political implications of Latino population growth.

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