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About the 2021 USHLI National Conference

The USHLI National Conference, considered the premier cross-generational leadership conference in the nation, will be presented in a virtual format on February 18-20, 2021. Our conference theme is New Leadership – A New Beginning. This will be another USHLI first, so we will be presenting very exciting and flexible state-of-the-art programming, including high quality entertainment, nationally prominent high-powered speakers, and interactive forums featuring top Latino experts in education, the public and private sectors, politics, the nonprofit world, and more.

Over the last 38 years, the USHLI Conference has become the premier Hispanic leadership conference in the nation, attracting a complete cross-section of our leadership community and involving all ancestry groups. Over 6,500 present and future leaders representing 40 states will attend various events throughout the four days. Our 2019 Conference demographic survey included over 1,300 respondents who overwhelmingly rated the USHLI conference as the premier Hispanic leadership conference in the nation; 83% were between the ages of 18-34; 67% identified as female; and 78% were classified as students ranging from High School to Graduate School. The survey also found that 6.5% of our attendees are pursuing an advanced degree. Most conference participants are or will become the most influential Hispanic leaders of their generation and will help govern our cities, schools, states and, indeed, a nation that will become 25% Hispanic during their lifetime. Participants included high school and college students and graduates, young professionals, public officials, and senior citizens representing a cross section of America’s $2.6 trillion Latino consumer market.

As always, we will offer interactive workshops on surviving COVID-19, winning cultural wars, controlling our destiny, empowering communities of color, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, uniting an anticipated population of 75 million Latinos in the coming decade, and more.

There will be opportunities to connect through live college and career fairs, chats during each of the panel discussions, and Q&A during workshop sessions. Chat rooms for reflection and discussion will be open at the end of each day to encourage participants to network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the tentative agenda. We will update this page regularly.

To register for the conference, please complete our online registration form.

Only college students are required to upload their resume. This is a new requirement. Our team added a career development component to the conference called ‘Career Connections’ and we encourage everyone to partake. If you do not upload a resume on our online registration from by February 14, 2020, you will be asked to upload a copy when you check-in to the conference. Be sure to have a printed copy available during the conference.

How to upload your resume through group registration:
1. Go to our registration site and select ALREADY REGISTERED
2. Enter their email
3. Confirmation number they received at the time of registration
4. Then go to the MODIFY tab, click “Next”at the bottom of their Personal Information page.
5. Select “Add File” to upload their resume and click next until you find the FINISH button.
**** If you had selected a check or purchase order as a payment method at the time you registered, they have to select it again before they click the finish button. If you wish to pay with a credit card instead, you can do so in here as well.

Please use this link to modify your registration and upload your resume. Enter your email and confirmation number as instructed. Then go to Modify > Personal Information > Session Registration > Graduate School Recruitment Fair (All Participants): Friday, February 15, 2019, 9:45 AM. Please scroll down and select “Add File” and upload your resume. If you already uploaded your resume, please disregard this email.