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Demographic Profiles

The bulk of USHLI publications are demographic profiles of targeted cities and counties in our service area, which enable local leaders to focus their efforts in specific precincts, census tracts, or jurisdictions. The statistics and information gathered through our research efforts are used as adjuncts in planning and conducting field operations in our targeted states. The reports provide a database that has proved invaluable in planning, organizing, and conducting effective non-partisan voter registration campaigns. They pinpoint locations in which large Hispanic populations including non-citizens are, coupled with relatively low voter registration. This permits campaign coordinators to focus on areas of high potential for drives aimed at getting unregistered voters registered, and/or identifying eligible non-citizens for citizenship/naturalization. The kind of information that is provided in these reports includes but is not limited to:

  • Percent of the general population by race, ethnic origin, and gender
  • Percent of the Voting Age Population (VAP) by race, citizenship, ethnic origin, and gender
  • Percent of Hispanics by ancestry (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Central and South American)
  • Most recent figures on registered and non-registered voters by jurisdiction, i.e., precinct, ward, etc.
  • Most recent voter turnout figures by jurisdiction
  • The Hispanic population by educational background
  • The Hispanic population by income category
  • The Hispanic population by age group

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