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Save the Date – USHLI 2025 National Conference: FEBRUARY 13-16, 2025

USHLI 2025 National Conference: FEBRUARY 13-16, 2025

The USHLI National Conference, rated the premier cross-generational leadership conference in the nation, will be held on February 13 – 16, 2025 at the Sheraton Chicago Riverwalk and will feature the most dynamic nationally prominent speakers in our community, interactive forums on culturally relevant topics, workshops on “how to” effectuate change, and have fun the way we know how!

Over the last 41 years, the USHLI Conference has become the premier Hispanic leadership conference in the nation, attracting a complete cross-section of our leadership community and involving all ancestry groups. Over 5,000 students, educators, and young professionals representing 35 states will attend.

A demographic survey conducted at the 2023 national conference found that 79% of our participants were between the ages of 18-35; 65% identified as female; and 85% were attending or had completed college, and 16% were pursuing or had completed advanced degrees.

Participants will also include young professionals, elected and appointed officials, and business, labor, and community leaders. In short, participants will comprise an impressive cross-section of America’s $3 trillion GDP.

Most conference participants are or will become the most influential Hispanic leaders of their generation and will help govern our cities, schools, states, and indeed, a nation that will become over 30% Hispanic during their lifetime.

Our program will focus on the state of Latino education, celebrating Latino culture, Latina empowerment, Latino socioeconomic advancement, Afro-Latino power & influence, the Latino vote, making DE&I work for everyone, immigration reform, and honoring courageous and dedicated men and women who are trailblazers, humanitarians, and lifelong servants to the empowerment of the Latino community.

Our National Conference provides an extraordinary opportunity for students and young professionals to interact with recruiters, national policy-makers, and future employers. Participants will hear nationally prominent, standing-ovation quality speakers and expert presenters in highly interactive workshops and forums.

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