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Recipients will be notified
30 Days Before the National Conference

About the Scholarship

USHLI has awarded over $1.6 million in scholarships and internships to students from disenfranchised communities from coast to coast. Most notably, the Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders seeks to recognize students who share Dr. Andrade’s commitment to servant leadership. Application deadline is November 30, 2023 @ 11:59 PM CT

Undergrad recipients will receive a non-renewable:

          • $1,000 scholarship for those attending a 4-year institution or $500 for those attending a 2-year institution
          • a complimentary registration to attend the 2024 USHLI National Conference including airfare and lodging

Scholarship Qualifications

Applicants must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as full-time undergraduate students, in an accredited four-year or two-year institution in the U.S. or U.S. territories, and demonstrate a verifiable need for financial support. At least one parent must be of Hispanic ancestry. Non-U.S. citizens are eligible to apply (DACA or Undocumented). Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students for the Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 academic year. This includes high school seniors, college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors up to age 25.

All recipients will be notified 30 days before the conference.

Scholarship Requirements

Essay Questions

(Must complete both background & leadership essays)
  • Tell us about your background – In 500-1,000 words, submit a self-description including your family history (parents/guardian, siblings), life, and/or work experiences that have influenced you. Finally, describe your most significant achievement? Did you overcome any obstacles or challenges? If so, how?
  • Leadership Essay – Submit a 500-1,000 word essay on the future of Latinos/Hispanics in America, the kind of leadership needed, and any role you hope to play in providing such leadership. How will this benefit your community? What can USHLI do to help you achieve your goals?
  • Optional Essay – What else would you like to share with us, relevant to your application being selected for this scholarship?

Required Documents

  • Portrait Picture – Applicants must submit a recent photograph (high-resolution, color, size: 2.5 x 3.5 ratios, PNG, JPG, or GIF). The picture should be a suitable headshot for use in any printed literature announcing the recipients. Selfies are not accepted.
  • Resume – Applicants must submit a one-page resume in PDF format of their work experience, academic accomplishments, and other relevant information.
  • Unofficial Transcript – Applicants must submit the most updated transcript (College freshmen please submit your high school transcript). All transcripts must be uploaded as a PDF document in the application.


  • Letters of Recommendation – Applicants must submit two (2) letters of recommendation that meet the following requirements: letters should focus on the applicant’s leadership abilities and past academic performance, while also indicating an ability or desire to effectively serve their community. The application will require you to submit your references’ contact information. Once your application is submitted, an email will be sent to your references with instructions on how to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  We require one (1) reference to be from an academic source i.e., teacher, advisor, counselor, coach, etc., and one (1) reference to be from a work or community source i.e., employer, supervisor, clergy, etc. All letters of recommendation are due December 15, 2023.
scholarship breakdown


    • Adrian Calderon

      Hello, freshmen through juniors in college can apply for the scholarship. funds will be sent directly to your instituion during the fall 2020 semester (Aug/Sept 2020)

  1. Corina

    Hello, what about undergraduate degrees that take five years to complete? Can college students in their fourth year, who will be full-time undergraduates during the 2020-21 school year but will graduate in May 2021 apply?

  2. scorona428

    The application asks for the college contact person. Several of our high school seniors have not made a decision as to what college or university they will be attending next fall. How should they respond to this question?

    • Adrian Calderon

      Hello, please have them reply with the information for the institution they will most likely attend. If they are selected, the award is sent out in August/September 2020 so we can update their profile over the summer

  3. curtislo

    to whom should the letter of recommendation letters be addressed to?

    ex) Dear USHLI,
    ex) To the scholarship committee for the Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders,

    What is the best way to address the LOR’s?

    • Adrian Calderon

      If you included the the email address for your letters of recommendation, they should have received an automated email with instruction to upload their letters of recommendation.

  4. Abel

    I’m becoming a high school senior this school year of 2020-2021. Should I be applying to this scholarship this year or next? Most colleges I am applying to release their admissions decisions after the due date of this scholarship.

    • Adrian Calderon

      Yes, this is your first year of eligibility, please list the most likely school you will attend. If you are selected, we can update your information before you receive the first of two disbursements

  5. Ailyne M

    Hello, I am currently filling out the application and it is asking for a College Contact Person for Scholarship Disbursement, and my school does not have a specific person, but rather an entire department contact. Is that okay?

    • Adrian Calderon

      We currently do not have any rules against it, but we recommend the letter be written in English to compare it fairly. You may also decide to submit a letter in Spanish as most of our selection committee can read in Spanish


    Hello! For the two letters of recommendation, I am planning to have a teacher for the academic reference but my question is if my high school counselor would count as a professional source for recommendation? Your response would be much appreciated!

  7. Gianni


    Let’s say that we do not need the scholarship money for our tuition as it is covered. Would it be possible for me to directly receive the award so I can put the money towards books, fees, and technology?

    • Adrian Calderon

      We cannot send any funds to an individual cit must be sent directly to your school to pay for tuition. In certain cases, schools can offer students a refund check if your payments exceed your tuition costs. You will need to discuss this with your school’s financial aid department (or the department that handles scholarship contributions) to know if this is an option for you.

  8. Gianni

    Hi! I’m curious on the disbursal of this scholarship if awarded. Will a student be able to directly receive the prize amount if their tuition is paid off to put the money towards books, fees, and technology?

    • Adrian Calderon

      We cannot send any funds to an individual cit must be sent directly to your school to pay for tuition. In certain cases, schools can offer students a refund check if your payments exceed your tuition costs. You will need to discuss this with your school’s financial aid department (or the department that handles scholarship contributions) to know if this is an option for you.

  9. nmoralesvilla

    Good afternoon, greetings from Georgia!

    I am a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) set to graduate in May 2021. Due to COVID, the HGSE announced in June 2020 that it would reopen its application cycle for the 2020/2021 school year. I was accepted to Harvard in July and started classes this September. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to apply to scholarships and launched a Gofundme:

    My master’s program is only for one year. I read that the Dr. Juan Andrade Scholarship is due November 30. Given my unique circumstances, I wanted to ask about my eligibility before applying?

    Nataly Morales Villa (she/her)
    Higher Education Ed.M.| 2021

    • Adrian Calderon

      Congratulations on your impending graduation. The scholarship is only open to undergraduate students who will be full-time students for the 2021 Fall Semester through the 2021 Spring semester (That includes current High School seniors).

  10. JessicaRose

    Hello, I am a senior in high school and my transcripts are not yet completed yet because I graduate in 2021. Will you still accept my transcripts they are now or do I have to wait until I am in college to apply for this scholarship?

  11. Thomas Z.

    Hello, over the letter of recommendation from a work/community source, could I have a family member like my father, mother or uncle do it as I have worked with all of them in the past as work with my father with sanitation, my mother with house cleaning and my uncle with landscaping.

  12. sheylao2790

    Hello, I am trying to make the application but when I click on “Apply here” it takes me to another page that tells me that the application opens in September 2023, but that has already happened, I don’t know if you can help me.

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