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Grassroots Leadership Development Program

About the Program

The Grassroots Leadership Development Program aims to promote and facilitate constructive dialogue and interaction between Hispanic citizens and public officials who are responsible for administering their local city, county, and school governments. Hispanic citizens will gain a better understanding of how local governments function and how they as citizens can play a more effective role in influencing and formulating public policy. Public officials will also gain a better understanding of the Hispanic community’s needs and concerns and a greater appreciation for our interest in government and public affairs. USHLI implements GLDP in interested cities and communities throughout the United States.
Program Requirements
  • Scholarship: To receive a USHLI National Conference scholarship, participants must attend all ten sessions of the GLDP. Scholarships are non-transferable and for first-time graduates only.
  • Voting: If eligible to do so, participants should be registered to vote
  • Records: Agendas, sign-in and sign-out sheets, copies of all materials provided in each session (budget summary, table of organization, etc.) should be forwarded to USHLI.

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