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Latinas Represent

Get ready for an electrifying collaboration! Latinas Represent and World Channel are joining forces to present an exclusive screening of ‘RUNNING WITH MY GIRLS.’ But hold on, we’re not stopping there! This isn’t merely a film – it’s a golden ticket to engage in a riveting conversation with the filmmaker and the awe-inspiring Latinas who shine in this incredible documentary. The cherry on top? You can stream the film and participate in the conversation absolutely FREE! Get ready to be inspired!

‘RUNNING WITH MY GIRLS’ is available for FREE on! The documentary tells the story of four women of color candidates in Denver– Dr. Lisa Calderón, Candi CdeBaca, Shayla Richard, and Veronica Barela – who make the decision to run as a cohort after volunteering on their friend’s campaign. With only a fraction of the funds of their incumbent opponents, the women tirelessly knock on doors, make calls, and rely on each other to power their grassroots campaigns. Using an intimate and unfiltered style to tell each candidate’s story, filmmaker Rebekah Henderson honestly portrays the challenges faced by political outsiders, particularly women of color, while also revealing their tenacious commitment to justice and democracy.

Why not turn this evening into a cozy movie night? Bring your familia and friends together and enjoy a home screening in the comfort of your casita. Join us on Tuesday, April 23, for a special chat! We’re bringing together the brilliant filmmaker and the inspiring Latinas from the documentary for an exclusive conversation. You’ll get a peek into their experiences, activism, and the powerful ripple effect of grassroots movements in our communities. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

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