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SoCal April SLS

The SLS Wraps up the School Year in Southern California

The United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) maintained its commitment to promoting a “Culture of Education” throughout the concluding school year. In April, the Student Leadership Series (SLS) continued its mission, providing motivation and goal-setting strategies to help students end their Spring semesters successfully.

The SLS initiative reached eleven schools in Los Angeles and two in Santa Ana over a four-day period, utilizing both in-person and livestream formats. Presenters Gabe Salazar and Jaime Carias made a significant impact, reaching 5,921 students by the tour’s conclusion.

The SLS aims to provide each student with the opportunity to attain an education that aligns with their maximum potential and enhances their chances of succeeding in life. It encourages students to stay in school, improve their academic performance, and pursue post-secondary education or training. Additionally, the SLS offers Professional Development for educators and Parent Leadership Training in selected cities and communities.

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