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National Hispanic Hero Award

Arguably the most decorated American soldier in the Vietnam War, Specialist First Class Sergeant Jorge Otero Barreto will be honored at the USHLI National Conference at the Hispanic Legends Awards Dinner, at 7:00 pm, Saturday, February 17, 2024.

SFC Sergeant Otero earned 38 commendations including two Silver Stars for heroism, five Bronze Stars for Valor, five Air Medals, five Army Commendation Medals, and five Purple Hearts. He enlisted in the Army and volunteered for five tours in Vietnam, during which he volunteered for 200 combat missions.

He earned his first of two Silver Stars on February 17, 1968, after having been wounded the day before and wounded again in battle the following day. Seventy-two days later, he was awarded his second Silver Star.

During the war, the troops he led into battle deservedly called him “Sergeant Rock” for his courage and valor under heavy fire and for saving so many lives that could have been lost, were it not for his actions. Later, after the war, those who fought alongside him, admirably and respectfully called him the “Puerto Rican Rambo.”

February 15-18, 2024
Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk
301 E North Water Street
Chicago, IL 60611

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